WearX® 210 Plus Arc-Sprayed Coatings

WearX® 210 Plus cored wire is the result of R&D efforts to produce through arc spraying a coating containing chromium to enhance corrosion resistance in aqueous media and high temperature environments. This cored wire can be easily arc-sprayed. In addition to wear resistance, it offers additional protection to industrial end-users facing corrosion issues.

WearX® 210 Plus arc-sprayed coatings offer an excellent protection against slurry erosion, and can be safely applied to white cast iron.

WearX® 210 Plus is precisely formulated to produce upon spraying coatings rich in borides (mainly Fe2B). Fe2B is a ceramic material known for its high chemical stability, high hardness, high hot hardness, high temperature oxidation resistance up to 1562ºF (850ºC) and corrosion resistance to acids.

The unique micro-alloying process involving reaction between the metal strip and core elements rich in boron produces arc-sprayed coatings containing more than 70% in volume of sub-micron spherical crystallites of borides as Fe2B. This large quantity of boride crystallites is responsible for excellent anti-wear properties.

These crystallites are imbedded in a hardened steel containing more than 25 wt.% chromium. Although the cored wire contains 11 wt.% chromium, the process ensures the adequate dispersion of this chromium in the embedding medium which results in hardened steel containing more than 25 wt.% chromium.

Scanning electron micrograph of the cross-section of an WearX Plus arc-sprayed coating WearX® 210 Plus arc-sprayed coatings are composed of:

  • lamellae very rich in sub-micron boride spherical crystallites (dark phases),
  • more ductile lamellae containing less sub-micron spherical boride crystallites (lighter phases),

The metallic phase is a hardened steel containing more than 25 wt.% chromium.