PolyX Liner System

Eco Friendly PolyX® Liner System- Specifically designed for concrete basins and porous substrates.


Eco Friendly PolyX Liner System

PolyX® liner is a modified thermoplastic copolymer  sheet specifically for the use on concrete or other porous surfaces.Its purpose is to be resistant to everyday environmental stress cracking (ESC), as well as adverse weather conditions, chemical cleansers, salts and typical airborne pollutants and chemical degradation.

 PolyX® liner system is primarily used for coating concrete surfaces, flooring, containers, pipes, tanks, discharge ducts, ceramic areas, and fiberglass bottoms.


PolyX® liner Features

   Water repellent capabilities

 Provides a resilient and lasting coating system  

►  Dielectric insulation properties

  Excellent resistance to impact and abrasion

 Non- toxic, safe  for environment and workers.

► ECO friendly liner can be used in large walk-in refrigeration units or fresh water tanks.


PolyX® liner VS. Liquid paints

Painting on concrete substrates does not ensure long-lasting protection in our experience due to:

Application on un even substrate (concrete morphology, and chemically unstable)

Difficult paint applications due to high humidity and air entrapment.

Various thickness and uneven surfaces can cause peeling or entrapment.

Painting will NOT allow gases and fluids to reach concrete surface, creating deterioration over time.

Most of these issues weaken the concrete structure which cannot be immediately detected without a thorough investigation.


PolyX® liner is available with several surface modifications:


Standard smooth  – Standard for most applications (Water tanks, basins, pools)

Anti-slip – Industrial flooring, safety for employees (With seam joint)

With Anchors- For anchoring in the concrete during installations of new walls

With Metallic Support- Created to give anchoring in concrete extra stability

Glow in the dark – for safety areas, markers, walk ways etc. (Not Pictured)

Antibacterial- For food areas such as kitchens and freezers (Not Pictured)